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Maven's Notebook

I did say I’m passionate about California water issues and this is the result: the most comprehensive, crazy-best, up-to-the-minute website for California water news and information.  If you are passionate about California water too, then Maven’s Notebook is the website for you.

Maven's Photoblog

I like to travel and wherever I go, I have my camera. I often drag my family and the dog out to the most remote corners of our state – from the deserts of the south to the rivers of the north.   If I take all these pictures, then I feel I need to do something with them, so I show them to you here on my photoblog.

Maven's Photo Library

I take a lot of pictures … seriously.  A lot of California water infrastructure, agriculture, and landscapes of California, with a few other things thrown in.  Most of them are loaded up at flickr.  Need to use a photo?  Just ask!

These are some of my favorite projects ...


9 Californians who play key roles in water policy

Published at E&E Publishing, January 19, 2016 Written by Debra Kahn After four years of a crushing drought, Californians are hoping El Niño storms bring relief this winter. But whether they replenish the state’s reservoirs and rebuild its crucial snowpack remains to be seen, with many experts cautioning that the state’s water deficit is too

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Opening speech for the community conference, “How blue is your valley? Your voice, your future”; held April 24,2015

Welcome to the conference!  I want to thank Roger Moore and the Environmental Section of the State Bar for inviting me to speak today, and I want to thank all of you for coming to find out more about my favorite subject, water. My name is Chris Austin, otherwise known as Maven, and I publish

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